Arrive Online Pty. Ltd.

Domain Ownership Statement


Arrive Online Pty. Ltd. is a for-profit Internet Marketing Company based in Melbourne & Sydney that, from time to time, is involved in drop catching interesting domains on a daily basis.

Arrive Online Pty. Ltd. commands more than 100 domains and 100’s more .com/.net/.etc domains that mostly use privacy protection.

Generally, Arrive Online Pty. Ltd. purchases sites that are popularly searched for or that receive direct type-in traffic that can be monetised in accordance with auDA policies.

For example, we own but have absolutely no other use for it than to redirect it directly to Victoria Police.

2 recent domains that were purchased at silent auction were registered in good faith and automatically redirected to their most suitable destinations.

Nobody has ever asked us to secure a domain for them, nor look out for their domains, nor have we offered this as a service.

As a company, Arrive Online Pty. Ltd. is an apolitical organisation and wholly interested in making money online.